Model 700P Short Action
Model 700P Long Action

When the lives of the innocent and fellow officers depend upon your marksmanship, you can't afford anything less than the pinpoint accuracy of a Remington bolt-action centerfire rifle.

The heart of Remington's law enforcement rifle is the legendary Model 700 action. This is the same action that is at the core of the M-24 Sniper Weapon System built for the U.S. Army. The foundation of this action is it's unique bolt design. The bolt face, barrel, and receiver surround and support the cartridge head with three overlapping rings of solid steel. The receiver is machined from a solid block of ordnance-grade steel, then is drilled and tapped for scope mounts.

Model 700 Police rifles feature a heavy, free-floating 26 inch barrel crowned at the muzzle for accuracy and stability. In addition, composite stocks reinforced with Du Pont Kevlar and fiberglass are empolyed. They will stay dimensionally stable in any weather and under the worst tactical situations. The stock is laid up around an aircraft-grade aluminum bedding block that runs the full length of the receiver. It has a textured, black, non-reflective finish and comes with sling swivel studs.


Caliber Weight Barrel Twist Order No.
.223 Rem. 9 lbs 26 in. 9 in. 5714
.308 Win. 9 lbs 26 in. 12 in. 5709
7 mm Rem. Mag. 9 lbs 26 in. 9 1/6 in. 5726
.300 Win. Mag. 9 lbs 26 in. 10 in. 5718
.300 Rem. Ultra Mag. 9 lbs 26 in. 10 in. 5735

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