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When the lives of the innocent and fellow officers depend upon your marksmanship, you can't afford anything less than the pinpoint accuracy of a Remington bolt-action centerfire rifle.

Designed for and used by the United States military, the popularity of the M-24 stretches from SWAT teams nationwide to international military and governmental agencies. Based upon Remington's legendary Model 700, the M-24 has gained a reputation for precision among the sniper community and establishes the standard against which all other systems are compared.

The heart of Remington's M-24 Sniper Weapon System is the legendary Model 700 action. The foundation of this action is it's unique bolt design. The bolt face, barrel, and receiver surround and support the cartridge head with three overlapping rings of solid steel. The receiver is machined from a solid block of ordnance-grade steel, then is drilled and tapped for scope mounts.

An essential componet of the M-24's accuracy is it's heavy, hammer-forged, 416R stainless steel 24 inch barrel. With it's unique 5 radial land grooves, it provides combined advantages of reduced bullet deformation and metallic fouling, higher bullet velocities, even pressure curves, and longer barrel life. In adition, the M-24's aramid fiber-reinforced, fiberglass stock with an aluminum bedding block, provides for exceptional strength and dimensional stability even in the most demanding weather conditons.

The M-24 system is chambered in either .308 Win. or 300 Win Mag.


Leupold Mark IV Ultra M3 Specifications

  • 10 Power 40mm
  • Tactile Adjustments
  • Elevation Adjustments - 1 min. Per Click
  • Windage Adjustments - 1/2 min. Per Click
  • Reticle - Range Finding Mil Dot
  • Dust Covers
  • 2 Piece Leupold Base/Rings
  • Carrying Case

Deployment Kit

  • Rifle Cleaning Kit
  • Torque Wrench
  • Box Wrench
  • Hex Key Set
  • Assorted Spare Parts
  • Iron Sight Inserts
  • Scope Sun Shade
  • Scope Dust Cover
M-24 Rifle with mounted Leupold Mark IV M3 Scope
RAMAC Description
25716 Complete system includes Rifle, Iron Sights, mounted Leupold Mark IV M3 Scope, Scope and Iron Sight Carrying Case, Deployment Kit, Soft Guncase and a Hardigg Systems Hard Case.
25705 System includes Rifle, Iron Sights, Scope and Iron Sight Carrying Case, Deployment Kit, Soft Guncase and a Hardigg Systems Hard Case.
25727 Consists of Rifle with Iron Sights and Mounted Leupold Mark IV M3 Scope Only.
25729 Consists of Rifle with only Olympic sights.
25732 Rifle only.

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